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Screen Printing is an affordable and creative way to promote a business or event. With an extensive apparel collection including everything from basic tees to fashion forward ring spun cotton, we can print your image to look clean and crisp or washed and worn.


Let us show you what sets Image Branding Group apart and how we can help make your next screen printed garment stand out from the crowd!



While many textile decorators offer water based and discharge printing; the fact is, most of them are comparatively new at it.  At Image Branding Group, we’ve been quietly developing, honing, improving, and innovating the process for nearly twenty years.  While some struggle with it, and others may be over the learning curve with it, we at IBG have soared over it by leaps and bounds.  We have worked with ink manufacturers and other chemical companies to take this technology out of the Dark Ages.








We have demonstrated the fact that water-based print technology is, of course, soft, and it is also capable of delivering superior graphic imaging and techniques long thought impossible by the very companies that produce the ink.  In its early stages, and well into this very decade, there was no guide for color formulation.  Image Branding Group formulated our own unique palette of more than 100 colors.


It is worth mentioning that we were the first to go public with our findings in several trade magazines.  Click  below to see examples and read more about water-based printing and the discharge process.


Rediscovering Discharge Printing


Taboo or Voodoo: Discharge Printing





Plastisol?  We do that too.  In fact, IBG has approximately 90 percent of all Pantone approved colors, mixed and stored in their own library, at our facility.




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